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The Patterson Pre-Pac is the product of a long heritage of advanced fire pump engineering design and development, with our knowledge and experience Pre-Pac offers the very best in pumping technology. Built in a controlled environment at our facility, providing single source responsibility. It is pre-engineered to meet, or exceed, all applicable codes. For an added measure of security, it is completely tested in accordance with NFPA 20 and all piping hydrostatically tested.
The real muscle of our prepackaged system is our reliable split case pump, featuring discharge pressures of 40 to 390 psi and capacities of 150 to 4,500 GPM. In fact, right now there are thousands of Pre-Pac split case pumps providing efficient fire protection throughout the world.
The Pre-Pac can be designed to satisfy specific requirements. It can be custom fitted with either a diesel engine or an electric motor. Or both. Plus, it's available as a totally enclosed house unit or on a simple skid mount.

A World Leader in Fire Control

Because of our growth in the international market, Patterson Pump Company has become the world leader in fire protection pumps, shipping to over 80 countries worldwide. From Europe to Australia, South America to the Far East, commercial, residential and industrial facilities around the globe are depending on Patterson fire suppression pumps and Pre-Pac® engineered self-contained systems.