En12845 / Local Rules End Suction Fire Pumps

Fire Pumps
Fire Pumps

Ideal for both high and low pressure pumping requirements

The new Patterson Pump ES (End Suction) product line is the latest addition to the Patterson Sentinel Range. Cost Effective and efficient, these will be used in fire pump packages specifically designed and built to comply with the regulations European standard EN12845.
EN12845 provides a pan-European standard for the design, test, installation and maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems, and encompasses the basic requirements set forth by local rules into one European Standard.
Here at Patterson Pump Ireland Ltd. we pride ourselves in flexibility, and can alter the design and manufacture of our pumpsets to comply not only with EN 12845, but with other local rules and standards as required.

Features/Benefits of the new End suction EN 12845 pump line include:
- Back Pull- out design to allow removal or inspection of rotating element
without disturbing suction or discharge connections.
- 416 Stainless steel shaft.
- Positively lubricated silicon carbide mechanical seal.

A World Leader in Fire Control

Because of our growth in the international market, Patterson Pump Company has become the world leader in fire protection pumps, shipping to over 80 countries worldwide. From Europe to Australia, South America to the Far East, commercial, residential and industrial facilities around the globe are depending on Patterson fire suppression pumps and Pre-Pac® engineered self-contained systems.