Sentinel™ Vertical Turbine Fire Pumps

Fire Pumps
Fire Pumps

Flexible stagging enables capacity requirements in minimum floor space.

Our knowledgeable and experienced engineers have employed the latest design concepts and engineering technology to produce the Patterson Vertical Turbine Pump. This highly efficient pump is designed to be adaptable in a variety of industrial/municipal power applications, including fire pumps. It can be staged as necessary to meet desired pressure requirements.
Lengths and construction are adaptable to the application. Standard construction offers cast iron discharge heads with a fabricated steel column, stainless steel head and bowl shafts, or alloy steel line shaft and cast iron bronze fitted bowls. Openline shaft construction is standard; special metallurgies are available.

- High Efficiency - Operation in low NPSHA applications - A minimum floor space requirement - No priming necessary Range of Sizes
- Fire pump applications-meeting UL/FM/ULC standards - 500 to 5,000 GPM - Pressures up to 350 psi

A World Leader in Fire Control

Because of our growth in the international market, Patterson Pump Company has become the world leader in fire protection pumps, shipping to over 80 countries worldwide. From Europe to Australia, South America to the Far East, commercial, residential and industrial facilities around the globe are depending on Patterson fire suppression pumps and Pre-Pac® engineered self-contained systems.